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Programs & InitiativesLinks for a healthier life

Our focus is on the following 11 DSRIP projects. We identified these projects through the Community Needs Assessment. The projects address the following health care issues: Primary Care, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Chronic Disease, Long Term Care and Population Health. These projects are the catalyst for the DSRIP healthcare transformation taking place across Staten Island.

Patient Activation

Engage people in their health, improve health literacy, and connect them to primary care (routine, regular healthcare)

Chronic Disease Preventive Care

Prevent people from getting chronic disease

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Strengthen collaboration between mental health and substance abuse

⋄ Grow support programs and services

Withdrawal Management & Enhanced Abstinence

Develop community treatment programs for people with substance use issues

Diabetes Disease Management

Improve care for people with diabetes and help them manage their health

Care Transitions

Supporting patient at home after they are discharged from the hospital

Hospital Home Care

Hospitals and Home Care will work together to help patients get better by providing care at home

Click here to see the home care quality outcomes throughout demonstration years 1 and 2.

Health Home

Expand access to primary care ⋄ Coordinate care and social services for patients with chronic disease or behavioral health issues


Help nursing homes manage changes in a patient's condition to keep them out of the emergency room

Palliative Care in Nursing Homes

Specialized comfort care for people with serious illness and their families