2-Hour Leadership Program

Creating the Foundation:  Leadership Strategies Operationalizing INTERACT™ (QIP)

Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Organizational Leadership:  An overview of INTERACT™ and Operational Strategies:

Understanding and implementing INTERACT™ Quality Improvement Program (QIP) is critical to post-acute care organizations as they prepare for the future of health care.  Bundled payment, Medicare share programs, payment reform, Accountable Care Organizations, and integrated health networks are formulating across the nation at a rapid pace.  Post-acute care leaders must align their organization with other health care providers in order to meet the demands of the new health care environment-Value Based Purchasing.

The first step in the implementation of VBP is the reduction of unnecessary readmissions to the acute care setting.  Preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions is essential for quality, compliance and now, will be a fiscally crucial step with Value Based Purchasing and the Readmission Measures.

This 2 hour interactive session will walk organizational leaders through the current industry updates and steps organizations can take to situate themselves for quality, compliance and reduction of unnecessary hospitalizations.  This presentation will also provide a description and overview of the INTERACT™ QIP strategies, care processes, tools and resources that represent an evidence-based standard of practice along with description of the employee training and implementation steps necessary to sustain the program overtime for success.

The training will be held at: North Shore Home Care, 1200 South Avenue 3rd floor (Suite 303) Staten Island, NY. 10314


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Title: 2-Hour Leadership Program

Training Mode: In Person

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