INTERACT for Home Health

In this 1-day interactive course, an overview and description of the INTERACT™ QIP for Home Health includes strategies, care processes, tools, and other resources to improve care of changes in condition and prevent hospital transfers when safe and feasible; as well as tips for successful Program implementation and sustaining the Program over time.

Learning Objectives:

Upon the completion of this training session, the attendee will be able to:

  1. Describe the current landscape of health care reform and funding that make the INTERACT™ QIP an essential QI initiative for post-acute and long-term care organizations
  2. Articulate the key strategies that form the foundation of the INTERACT™ QIP
  3. Understand how to optimally utilize INTERACT™ QIP Home Health tools and resources
  4. Define key strategies for successful INTERACT™ QIP for Home Health implementation, including how INTERACT™ can help meet QAPI requirements
  5. Define key strategies for successfully sustaining the INTERACT™ QIP for Home Health over time


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Course Details

Title: INTERACT for Home Health

Training Mode: In Person

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