Intermediate Excel

This workshop is for employees who wish to gain intermediate skill sets utilizing Excel.  Employees must have a working knowledge of Excel before taking this workshop.

Customizing the Excel Environment 

  • Configure Excel Options
  • Customize the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Enable Excel Add-Ins

Creating Advanced Formulas

  • Use Range Names in Formulas
  • Use Specialized Functions
  • Use Array Formulas

Analyzing Data with Functions and Conditional Formatting

  • Analyze Data by Using Text and Logical Functions
  • Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting

Organizing and Analyzing Data sets and Tables

  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Sort Data
  • Filter Data
  • Use SUBTOTAL and Database Functions

Visualizing Data with Basic Charts 

  • Create Charts
  • Modify and Format Charts

Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables, Slicers and Pivot Charts

  • Create a Pivot Chart
  • Analyze PivotTable Data
  • Present Data with Pivot Charts

Filter Data by Using Slicers


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Course Details

Title: Intermediate Excel

Training Mode: In Person

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