Palliative Care – Bereavement for End-of-Life

3.g.ii Integration of Palliative Care into Nursing Homes, Module Eight: Bereavement for End-of-Life

This module discusses personal feelings and beliefs about death, loss, grief, bereavement and mourning. The four different types of grief (anticipatory, complex, disenfranchised and uncomplicated) are identified. Key interventions in the care of older adults who are grieving and how the interdisciplinary team is utilized in regards to grief are explored. Grief models and their relevancy to older adults are reviewed. It is explained how a core component of palliative care is a bereavement program. Variations of staff grief and the need for self-care as an essential practice for the healthcare professional are discussed. Also addressed is the importance of activating an immediate bereavement plan post-death.


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Title: Palliative Care – Bereavement for End-of-Life

Training Mode: In Person

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