SI PPS Cultural Awareness Train the Trainer

This two-day Train the Trainer workshop prepares trainers with the skills and tools needed to deliver Cultural Competency training to various healthcare workers. During the first full day, trainers will have the opportunity to experience the curriculum as a participant.  Additional time will be spent discussing effective ways to deliver the curriculum. The course, led by seasoned trainers in this area, will also address the challenges trainers often face when delivering this type of curriculum.  At the end of the first day each trainer will be assigned a section of the curriculum, which s/he will deliver during the second session.

During day two, each participant will deliver their assigned topic.  The facilitator will provide feedback to the group, as well as individually.  Day two is an opportunity to practice delivering the curriculum, as well as addressing any questions or concerns the trainee may have.  By the completion of the second day, trainees will have a better understanding of cultural diversity and its impact on health disparities.  This interactive training will leave participants feeling more prepared and comfortable with delivering the curriculum.  The Train the Trainer facilitator will serve as a resource for the trainees, as they move forward with delivering the curriculum.

Training Location: Staten Island PPS, 1 Edgewater Plaza (7th floor conference hall) Staten Island, NY. 10305


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Title: SI PPS Cultural Awareness Train the Trainer

Training Mode: In Person

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