Staffing Needs Analysis

  • Please rank each job title as to difficulty in both recruiting and retention. In addition, we would like to capture the number of F.T.E. (full-time equivalents) for each title to quantify the numbers of potential recruits. The last piece of data would be an approximation of open positions for each job title, represented by an average number of vacancies at a given point in time.

    Ranking Scale:

    1 =High recruitment/retention or high demand for new or evolving roles – high turnover (exceeds 10% annually)

    2 = Moderate recruitment/retention or demand; (turnover exceeds 5% but less than 10% annually)

    3 = Light recruitment or demand (turnover less than 5% turnover annually)

    Please add additional titles to the table below if needed.
    Job TitleRank 1-3Total Budgeted F.T.E.Avg. # open positions being recruited for 
  • Job TitleRank 1-3Total Budgeted F.T.E.Avg. # open positions being recruited for 
  • What are your organization’s key priorities for training and education, specific to targeted competencies, upskilling or right-skilling needs for existing staff? (Ex. Communications and patient engagement training for expanding use of telehealth platforms, enhanced skills for HHAs, certification of infection control competencies for new hires, etc.)
  • Is your organization interested in supporting staff into new roles through specific credentials and/or professional advancement pathways, ? (Ex. CNA’s to LPN/RNs, CHW to mental health technician, etc.)
  • Have you identified priority areas and methods for building skills in companion disciplines that create versatility and expanded capacity (Ex. Community Health Workers incorporating competencies of Certified Recovery Peer Advocate; utilizing CHWs and health educators to support resource navigation for COVID-affected and infected persons in target communities)?
  • Opportunities in your organization to support new/expanded apprenticeship models, clinical placements, internships, externships and other career readiness experiences to supplement existing workforce needs while providing a pathway to prioritize hiring (Ex. LPN clinical experience for CNAs completing LPN training)? Examples of things you’ve done to address training, education and workforce development that are innovative and proven to be successful?