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Staten Island officials create fentanyl and overdose task force to combat ongoing epidemic

District Attorney Michael E. McMahon and Borough President Vito J. Fossella on Friday announced the formation of a new fentanyl and overdose task force.

The task force will be made up of local leaders in law enforcement, government, treatment and recovery, and those battling addiction illness and their loved ones.

Drug that can reverse effects of opioid overdoses soon available over the counter in the US

A drug that reverses the effects of an opioid-related overdose will soon be available for over-the-counter sale in the United States.

The prescription nasal spray Narcan, a naloxone-based drug, is expected to become widely available later this year, but its cost could be a limitation.

Healthcare Insights: Building the Healthcare Workforce of the Future

Recently, the Staten Island Performing Provider System (SIPPS) was awarded a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. The grant is for a very specific set of healthcare jobs, namely Community Health Worker, Certified Recovery Peer Advocate, Home Health Aide, and Certified Nursing Assistant. These are jobs that are at the heart of a transformed healthcare system, namely one that is designed to prevent chronic health conditions, most of which are related to social determinants of health. 

How Bots Can Prevent Opioid Overdoses Before They Happen

Staten Island has a drug problem. Opioid overdose deaths in the New York City borough are 170 percent higher than the national average. While fentanyl is responsible for the majority of deaths, it’s not the only substance to blame. Overprescribing opioids has contributed to the crisis, as well as the fact that addiction service providers have been spread too thin.

Settlement funds to combat opioid crisis in the US | VIDEO

A number of pharmaceutical companies in the US have been forced to settle claims related to a deadly opioid epidemic. Experts have linked the crisis to prescription practices in the country. In the second of this two-part series, William Denselow looks at efforts to change those practices and how settlement funds could be used to help people struggling with addiction.  

How Staten Islanders can apply for 5 training programs with paths to healthcare jobs

Those interested in furthering or finding a career in the healthcare field can take one of Staten Island Performing Provider System’s (SI PPS) new apprenticeship programs that will work to fill the healthcare workforce gap on Staten Island.