Behavioral Health

Since the late 2010s, Staten Island has been at the center of the opioid epidemic in New York City. Overdose death rates continue to climb on Staten Island, especially those including fentanyl. Already high rates of suicide, anxiety, depression, substance use, and mental health issues among children are only increasing.

In an effort to address these problems, Staten Island PPS partners with both hospitals, behavioral health organizations, and law enforcement agencies to reduce overdose deaths, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, promote harm reduction, and increase retention in treatment and recovery services.

Integrating both screening and treatment for mental and substance use disorders leads to a better quality of care and health outcomes for those living with co-occurring disorders by treating the whole person. Staten Island PPS works with its partners to implement evidence based comprehensive assessment tools to screen for other mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and suicide to reduce the chance of a missed diagnosis and provide targeted treatment or the proper referral when necessary.

Stigma can be a barrier to seeking care as well as receiving quality care for substance use disorder. Eliminating substance use stigma is another crucial factor that the SI PPS works with its partners to address. Through trainings to reduced healthcare worker stigma toward people with substance use disorder and including peers (Certified Recovery Peer Advocates) as part of the healthcare team.

We fund innovative, peer-led programs to outreach and engage high-risk individuals, connecting them to treatment, supports, and services. Staten Island PPS is committed to addressing health inequities and reducing stigma by supporting individuals who use drugs on their journey through recovery.