Behavioral Health

Harm Reduction & Infectious Disease Control

A comprehensive prevention strategy, harm reduction is part of the continuum of care. Harm reduction approaches have proven to prevent death, injury, disease, overdose, and substance misuse. Harm reduction is effective in addressing the public health epidemic involving substance use as well as infectious disease and other harms associated with drug use.

Staten Island PPS behavioral health partners provide overdose prevention and harm reduction services to their clients. All clients receive Narcan training and kits on an ongoing basis

Risky behaviors associated with opioid misuse increase the risk of exposure to HIV, viral hepatitis, and other infectious agents through contact with infected blood or body fluids that result from sharing syringes and injecting paraphernalia, or through unprotected sexual contact.

All of our Behavioral health partners screen and assess their patients for infectious disease, provide the necessary care as well as refer for follow up services and needle exchange programs.

Narcan Training and Infectious Disease screenings conducted since January 2022

Project Partners