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H+H Onboarding Employees/Residents

Activating your Onboarding Account

If you are an employee or resident onboarding at a NYC Health + Hospitals facility, there may be trainings you are required to participate in on the OCH LMS. Your facility is responsible for coordinating the creation of your onboarding accounts with OneCity Health Workforce Team. Within 48 hours of OneCity Health Workforce Team receiving the information and instructions regarding the creation of your account, you will receive an Account Activation Email. 

To troubleshoot any issues you experience activating your account, please browse the following options below:

I have not received an Account Activation Email

Accounts take up to 48 business hours (Mon – Fri) to create after OneCity Health has been given the information and instruction from your facility to create your onboarding account. If you do not see your Account Activation Email, your account likely has not been created yet.

If you believe your account has been created, but you have not received an Account Activation Email, please check your junk/spam folder.

I am unable to activate my account

A possible reason you are unable to activate the link in the Account Activation Email (or simply cannot see a link) is that the IT Department at your facility has network settings in place that restrict you from accessing certain websites or receiving links in emails. Often times, network settings may even prohibit you from receiving emails from unknown senders.

Option 1: Disconnect from the Wi-Fi network at your organization. Using your own personal hot-spot or cellular data can sometimes allow you to bypass network restriction settings put in place by the WiFi you are using at your current location. 

Option 2: Try accessing the link from your home network. This will allow you to bypass network restriction settings that were restricting your access to the OneCity Health LMS and/or the Account Activation email and link. 

Option 3: Consult your IT Department and request they “white-list” the website you need to access and the email address you need to receive automated emails from to activate your account: 


Email address: 

For more information on activating your account, visit FAQs > 

I am having trouble updating my account information

Once you have clicked on the activation link in the Account Activation Email, you will be brought to the OneCity Health LMS and will immediately be requested to “update your account information”. You will be asked to verify your first name, last name, title, organization, job, department, and licensure. If these fields do not apply to you, you must select ‘Other’ or “N/A”.


Submit a support request ticket

If you still experience issues activating your account and have reviewed all of the above troubleshooting options, you may submit a support request ticket to the HWapps Support Team. Please allow up to 24 business hours (8am – 5pm EST, Mon – Fri) for your support request to be responded to. Support will contact you via email at the following email address: 

Submit a Support Request Ticket >

If you do not receive a response within 24 business hours, please check your junk/spam folder. Please also consider requesting that your IT Department “white-list” the support email: